Video Conference Solution CRS15

Syber video conference solution is the natural choice as the company that has been delivering innovative immersive solutions longer than anyone, with the most expertise at creating outstanding experiences that delight users. And deploy CRS15 interactive flat panel with all-in-one camera and microphone and speaker, you will feel Syber unrivaled immersive video conferencing experience in more places than ever before with the most flexible deployment options and unmatched interoperability.

Details About Video Conference Solution CRS15

  • Video Conference Solution for Midsize Meeting Room
    • Interactive Flat Panel
      • 4K, multi-points large Touch Screen
      • Smart Whiteboards for meeting room presentation
      • Various Sizes from 65inch to 100inch large screen
    • All-in-one Camera and Microphone and speaker
      • Unmatched interoperability
      • Surprisingly affordable
      • Enjoy full boardroom-quality audio
      • Compatible with all hardware and software

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