LED Fine Pitch Display

Intelligent commercial display fine pitch led, with ultra-thin/ultra-light structure, ultra-light 4K/HDR display, support for hanging / seat installation and other installation methods, can build a variety of screens such as flat or curved surface, and is the best choice for commercial retail, high-end conference, intelligent transportation and other business display applications.

Details About LED Fine Pitch Display

  • Product characteristics. 
    The display unit adopts the die-casting box design, and the unit module adopts the magnesium alloy bottom shell design. With anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-impact, no fan, dustproof, mute design. X/Y/ Z six-way regulation. 
  • Product certification and inspection report. 
    The product has passed the CCC,CE,FCC,cTUVus,CB certification and has performance, protection, noise, flame retardant, smoke and other test reports issued by the national authority. All the parameters exceed the industry standards. 
  • Technological advantage. 
    Magnetic trigger active front maintenance system to achieve up to 5 seconds of front maintenance, module reduction accuracy is higher. Narrow box design, can do arc splicing DC input using DC53.5V output 4V module, power supply, front maintenance of control board.

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