2 Channel Universal Power Supply Digital Amplifier With PFC


Model No.SAAT-350SAAT-500SAAT-650SAAT-800SAAT-900SAAT-1100SAAT-1800SAAT2100SAAT2400SAAT2800
Stereo Output power  8Ω350Wx2 500Wx2 650Wx2800Wx2 900Wx2 1100Wx21700Wx2 2100Wx2 2400Wx2 2800Wx2 
Stereo Output power  4Ω580Wx2800Wx21050Wx21300Wx21400Wx21800Wx22800Wx23400Wx23800Wx24500Wx2
Stereo Output power  2Ω1100Wx21100Wx21250Wx21500Wx21750Wx22000Wx23600Wx24000Wx25000Wx25500Wx2
Bridged output  8Ω1160W1600W2100W2600W2800W3600W5600W6800W7600W9000W
Bridged output 4Ω1600W2200W2800W3300W3500W4000W7200W8000W10000W11000W
Voltage Gain40.8/38.6/3240.8/38.6/3241.2/39/3242.7/40.5/3240.8/38.6/3241.2/39/3242.7/40.5/3242.7/40.5/3242.7/40.5/3242.7/40.5/32
THD≤0.035% (@ 8Ω, 1kHz, 1/8 rated power)≤0.05% (@ 8Ω, 1kHz, 1/8 rated power)
IMD≤0.15% (@ 8Ω, 1kHz, 1/8 rated power)
S/N (20Hz-20Khz, 4Ω)>106dB 
Cross-talk (1kHZ, 4Ω)>40dB
Frequency response10Hz to 20k Hz, +/-1dB
Input impedancebalanced 20K/ non-balanced 10K
Damping factor  (10~400Hz, 8Ω)≥600
Slew Rate≥20v/uS
Input sensitivity0.775V, 0dB
Protection functionsAmplitude limit , and protections against short circuit, over-load, overheat, direct current, radio-interference, on/off switching and muting.
Control knobsPower ON/OFF switch, VOLUME control in front panel. STEREO/ BRIDGE/ MONO switch in rear panel.
LED indicatorsCLIP/ -10dB/ SIGNAL/ MONO/ BRIDGE/ STATUS indicators in front panel
Power delay4 seconds
Input interfaceXLR 
Output interfaceSPEAKON 
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm483x44x228483x44x280
Package (WxHxD) mm530x100x360523x80x445
Net weight4kg4.3kg4.6kg5kg4.9kg5.2kg5.8kg6.4kg8.0kg8.2kg
Gross weight5.1kg5.5kg5.8kg6.2kg6.1kg6.4kg7kg7.6kg9.4kg9.6kg

More Features

  • Universal operating voltage 90-264VAC. No worry about unstable power voltage.
  • Compact structure with only 1U height and 9″ depth and light weight, easy to move and install.
  • Fixed switch frequency Class-D PCB module.
  • Soft resonant switching power supply LLC module.
  • High efficiency loud speaker opposing EMF absorption system.
  • Unique peak clipping limiter and ripple Elimination.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Nice cooling system with quality fans to make wind flow front to the rear.
  • Accurate volume control, switch on/off, signal, clip and protection LED light in front panel.
  • Fully automatic protections against direct current protection, over heat, over load, on/off switching, RF, and amplitude limit.
  • XLR balance input and professional SPEAKON output connectors.
  • Stereo ,bridge and mono mode selection pull switch is set on back panel.
  • Good choice for applications that need high power output, for example, live show, outdoor event, stadium, flow performance, etc.

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