Interactive flat panel-D

Interactive flat panel-D

  • UHD display 4K  3840*2160
  • 4mm explosion-proof tempered glass, M7
  • Anti-Glare
  • IR touch, up to 10 points touch
  • Android + Windows (optional) operation system
  • Multiple sizes:  55″/ 65″/ 75″/ 85″/ 86″/ 98″
interctive whiteboard
interactive flat panel lcd
interactive panel
interactive flat panel
LCD touch
interactive panel

More Features

  • All in one conference interactive flat panel
    TV, Projector, Hybrid sound, Whiteboard, Computer, Advertising machine, all in one interactive flat panel.
  • 4K UHD display conference interactive smart board
    3840*2160 UHD: high definition LED screen.
    Even in bright environments, the screen content is clearly presented.
  • 4mm explosion-proof tempered glass, strength is up to MOHS7
  • Anti-Glare
    Anti-glare glass will effectively reduce reflections, freeing people from excessive squinting with more legible text and clearer images, avoiding eye strain.
  • IR touch
    Support 10 points touch option
    Adopts super sensitive touch panel, increase the touch accuracy, and it can stand more than 35 million times secure touch. Easily touch and control, no delay.
  • Dual operation system
    Windows 7/8/10 (CPU: i3/ i5/ i7 optional)+Android Built-in
    Adopts pluggable module, which has strong versatility, flexible upgrade and convenient maintenance. Dual system operation, can be switched by using the floating menu with one button in any interface.
  • Multiple sizes: 55”~98”optional
    Choose the most suitable size according to the size of the workplace and the actual needs.
  • Intelligent whiteboard
    Smart writing, zoom in and out, gesture erasure, drag freely, one-button clear screen.
  • Wireless screen
    Screen-mirroring with android phone, iphone, ipad, computer, etc.
  • Intelligent operation
    Freely write, annotate and screen shot. Automatically recognize input channel.

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